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Nola Cassette release show @ Circle Bar
February 1, 2010, 10:27 pm
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Oh goody! This Wednesday, I’ll be playing a show at The Circle Bar with homies Native America (Ross Farbe) and The Honeysuckles. I’ll be droppin some cassettes on yo ass if you come out. It’s the album “Salivary Stones” that I’m talking about.

It’s been getting some sweet write ups on some blogs and shizz:

“disturbingly beautiful” – The Noise Is
“Much of it comes across as half-baked” – I Heart Noise
” Fuzzy, grinding textures and some sweet, hypnotic drones” – An Uncontrollable Urge

Come out and get krunk with us!


Meet: Native America
January 29, 2010, 7:23 pm
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Native America cover art

Native America is the new project of a good friend of mine, Ross Farbe. As of right now, we has not organized a live lineup, but he’s writing and recording songs on his own and will be performing with me and The Honeysuckles next wednesday. Ross Farbe played guitar, mandolin and sang in the now dormant (sad face) Mojo Method before pursuing this project.

Native America has one song recorded and released and it’s called, “Hey Day”. It’s a wonderfully composed experimental folk tune with an infectious melody, unique song progression, and an interesting bedroom-recording vibe that feels like home, and all the while sounding fresh and new. This single is a very exciting thing to hear, making me even more excited for what’s to come from this extremely talented and soulful (mostly meaning this boy gotta lotta heart, but also it’s got that sound sometimes too) songwriter.

Ross Farbe will be performing this coming Wednesday at the Circle Bar with me (I’ll be releasing my ‘Salivary Stones‘ cassette) and The Honeysuckles.

Salivary Stones out now!
January 25, 2010, 5:08 am
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Stream the whole album right here:

Hey everybody,
Just writing to let you know that my latest album “Salivary Stones” is now up on Bandcamp for whatever price you want to pay. This is the album that I released in cassette on Jan 16th and now it’s gone digital like so many of our lives. Anyway, I think all of my cassettes have been sold (or are about to be sent off to a certain amount people asking for one), so pick up your own copy online for (potentially) free! This is the first release on a new label that Sean Hart and I are starting called Chinquapin Records. Check us out soon (website is still under construction).

Thanks for all the support.



Blast from the past
January 18, 2010, 9:36 pm
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So the other day I was looking through some boxes of cds in my room and i ran across the one and only copy of the first thing I recorded digitally on my own. It was a simpler time, in early ninth grade. The cd had three tracks on it and “Me Three” written on the disk (undeniably the coolest solo project name ever). I popped it in my computer and was taken back. way back. two songs about real girls and one about a fake one were present on the disk. I showed my friends Derek and Trevor the songs last night in Austin for kicks and I kinda want to show some other people too. They suck major ballsack and the cheezeballocity is unmatched by most. Maybe I’ll upload it to bandcamp soon. In the meantime, I have a new cassette out (25 hand made copies) and if you want one, message me on facebook or email me at they’re going for the low, low price of 5 big bones.

As Riff Raff once told me, STAY GOOD.


Dat Flyah, Bruh
January 12, 2010, 5:24 am
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Dew it tew it.

‘Salivary Stones’ Cassette Release/Album Info
January 6, 2010, 8:00 pm
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I recently finished a new album entitled “Salivary Stones” (that’s the album art up in there) and I’ll be releasing a limited number of handmade cassettes of it on January 16th at Mango’s (Houston). The cassette itself has Salivary Stones on side A as well as my latest ambient album, “…And I’m Living off of Grass”, chillin on side B. The best way I can describe the new material is: ‘chopped-and-screwed-up-dirty-south-noise-drone-pop-ambient-bedroom-folk-BIG TUNE’, but that’s just how I hear it. It’s some of my favorite stuff I’ve done and it sounds even doper on cassette. It will be put online for download after I’ve sold all my cassettes. Here’s the tracklist:

1- Salivary Stones | 2:25
2 – Don’t Leave Me Blue | 5:15
3 – Up Blazes the Hot Lust for Having | 5:28
4 – (Not Thinking About the Future) | 5:30
5 – Summer, Part II | 4:55
6 – Soggy | 5:45

Flavored Woof is putting on the release show, and I’m super stoked about the bands I’m playing with.

Giant Cloud (nola)
Cedar Boy Bailey (Sergio of Buxton)

December 9, 2009, 7:29 am
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So I just did that whole twitter music thing and put up one song from most of my official releases on my page. You can download these songs fo free as well as stream them in their entirety there.

In other news, I’m almost done organizing and mastering my full length record and its correlating EP that will consist of outtakes and songs that just didn’t quite feel right in the mix of the full length album. I am also in the process of finishing up a few more ambient recordings to put on a limited edition ambient cassette that will contain my first two ambient albums as well as those new aforementioned ambient songs. So as you can tell, new music is on the horizon. I’m also busy and stoked about Caddywhompus‘ split 7″ and our full length we’re almost done recording. 2010 is gonna be a good year f’sho!