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Salivary Stones out now!
January 25, 2010, 5:08 am
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Stream the whole album right here:

Hey everybody,
Just writing to let you know that my latest album “Salivary Stones” is now up on Bandcamp for whatever price you want to pay. This is the album that I released in cassette on Jan 16th and now it’s gone digital like so many of our lives. Anyway, I think all of my cassettes have been sold (or are about to be sent off to a certain amount people asking for one), so pick up your own copy online for (potentially) free! This is the first release on a new label that Sean Hart and I are starting called Chinquapin Records. Check us out soon (website is still under construction).

Thanks for all the support.




‘Salivary Stones’ Cassette Release/Album Info
January 6, 2010, 8:00 pm
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I recently finished a new album entitled “Salivary Stones” (that’s the album art up in there) and I’ll be releasing a limited number of handmade cassettes of it on January 16th at Mango’s (Houston). The cassette itself has Salivary Stones on side A as well as my latest ambient album, “…And I’m Living off of Grass”, chillin on side B. The best way I can describe the new material is: ‘chopped-and-screwed-up-dirty-south-noise-drone-pop-ambient-bedroom-folk-BIG TUNE’, but that’s just how I hear it. It’s some of my favorite stuff I’ve done and it sounds even doper on cassette. It will be put online for download after I’ve sold all my cassettes. Here’s the tracklist:

1- Salivary Stones | 2:25
2 – Don’t Leave Me Blue | 5:15
3 – Up Blazes the Hot Lust for Having | 5:28
4 – (Not Thinking About the Future) | 5:30
5 – Summer, Part II | 4:55
6 – Soggy | 5:45

Flavored Woof is putting on the release show, and I’m super stoked about the bands I’m playing with.

Giant Cloud (nola)
Cedar Boy Bailey (Sergio of Buxton)


New tune from upcoming “Short Ideas and Things” album
September 9, 2009, 9:29 pm
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Howdy ya’ll!
I’ve been writing and recording a lot these past few weeks and I’m taking a slightly different approach to the aforementioned actions. Instead of having an initial idea and then coming up with new sections (potentially forced ones) to put after the first idea (thus making the various parts of a typical song), I decided to stick to just that original spark of a song. When I had that burst of creation, I decided to ride the wave until I was beached and not try to squeeze out another ride. I’m still finalizing the album, but I decided to throw one song up on my Bandcamp page so you can hear what I’m doing anyway. This particular song is composed of bass guitar, vocals, and tambourine. I discovered a few melodies that stuck and recorded it right away. Here is my final(?) product.

“…And I’m Living Off of Grass” EP out today on Bandcamp
August 15, 2009, 6:16 pm
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Front cover
Back cover

My new ambient EP that I released at my show on the 12th at Mango’s is now released into the digital world! You can download it for whatever price you want and if you sign up for the mailing list (you have to if you get it for free) I’ll reward you with a surprise gift in the near future.

Hope all is going well and that you enjoy the new EP. It’s one of my favorites.

New ambient song
July 31, 2009, 6:23 am
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So i mentioned on various social networking sites that i was thinking of releasing this song in two parts that you could play simultaneously or separately. I decided against that method and put it in one package. The song is called “I Think I Think Different Now” and it’s an experiment with slowing down time and altering the sound of a piano piece i wrote. It’s about times of routine and comfort interrupted by change towards growth or disintegration. Enjoy.

New track “Cobwebs” on Myspace!
May 16, 2009, 6:39 am
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Check out the new track “Cobwebs” from my forthcoming EP (now) entitled “Bayous” on my MYSPACE PAGE. This record was written and recorded during (and a bit before and after) my first year away at college in New Orleans. This song has to do with the struggle of holding on to relationships at home while being separated from them in a new and (in my case) captivating setting.
Hope you like it.
The album should be out very soon.
Get stoked!


“Bayous” EP tracklist and info (NAME CHANGE!)
May 15, 2009, 8:16 am
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Today I got my wisdom teeth removed and it sucks.
I can’t sleep because of the silly pain that naturally came along with the surgery.
So today seemed like a great opportunity to finish up mixing my new EP that I wrote and recorded during this school year as well as during that crazy transition period at the end of last summer.
The EP was entitled “From Syrup to Po-boys” metaphorically (and codeine-induced, I might add) representing the move from my native city of Houston (the city of syrup) to the city where I just finished my first year of college: New Orleans (where po-boys flow like water). However, today I decided that this name sounds stupid. It’s now called the “Bayous” EP. The EP deals with the consistent dualism I encountered between homesickness with an attachment to friends and family, and loving-the-fuck out of my new environment and experiences. The songs are short and despite this being a ten song EP, it only clocks in at about twenty minutes.

Here’s the tracklist for the “From Syrup to Po-boys” “Bayous” EP:
1. +/-
2. Brainstormy (Feat. Tom Rooney)
3. Mean Song
4. I Bet You’re Riding Go Karts Pretty Often
5. Summer This Way, Summer That Way
6. Cobwebs
7. (Crank That)
8. 713/504
9. Take Pictures
10. Bonus Track: +/- (Version 2)

The album’s gonna drop soon in this month of May.
Stay on the lookout!