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Meet Julianna Barwick
March 2, 2010, 1:07 am
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So I recently got my hands two releases by Louisianian-turned-Brookylnite Julianna Barwick, and they have me hypnotized. The first thing I heard by her was her first official release, “Sanguine“. It’s a short album of all vocal loop-based songs. According to her website, “Sanguine serves as an intimate group of melodies displayed through the minimal tools of a 4 track, a loop pedal, and a beautiful voice”. It also mentions that many of her songs are improvised during the recording process and many were written “on the fly”. Maybe this is why her music attracts me so much, given I’ve been implementing a similar recording and songwriting method as of late. Today, I got a copy of her most recent record, “Florine” and I was reminded again of my appreciation of this musician and of her music’s existence.

Check out the song “Unt 3” to get a feel for her music (this is from her first album, Sanguine).

Here’s a recording of her playing live at KSCR Radio on November 18, 2009.


Meet: Native America
January 29, 2010, 7:23 pm
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Native America cover art

Native America is the new project of a good friend of mine, Ross Farbe. As of right now, we has not organized a live lineup, but he’s writing and recording songs on his own and will be performing with me and The Honeysuckles next wednesday. Ross Farbe played guitar, mandolin and sang in the now dormant (sad face) Mojo Method before pursuing this project.

Native America has one song recorded and released and it’s called, “Hey Day”. It’s a wonderfully composed experimental folk tune with an infectious melody, unique song progression, and an interesting bedroom-recording vibe that feels like home, and all the while sounding fresh and new. This single is a very exciting thing to hear, making me even more excited for what’s to come from this extremely talented and soulful (mostly meaning this boy gotta lotta heart, but also it’s got that sound sometimes too) songwriter.

Ross Farbe will be performing this coming Wednesday at the Circle Bar with me (I’ll be releasing my ‘Salivary Stones‘ cassette) and The Honeysuckles.