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Solo Show Spectacular!
November 16, 2009, 9:12 pm
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Mothers, lock up your daughters. Board up the windows and walls.
This Sunday at the Circle Bar, three breathtaking dudes are going to show you what they’re all about when separated from their bands.
In one corner, we have the man with the plan and the band named after himself… the king with a prince’s face: John Michael Rouchell.
In the other corner, lies the man with the jamz and the tamb in hand (in MNIJM), the man in the spotlight of the late and great City Life: Vox & The Hound (also famously addressed as Leo DeJesus)
In yet another other corner is this skrawny kid playing soft ambient jamz drenched in his own sweat urine and vomit: The Mighty Chris Rehm (das me, foolz)

Come see what it’s all about.
yaaaeeeerrrrddd???? (yird?)
This show will probably begin closer to 10, but I uploaded the image everywhere already and I ain’t to backdrifter!


“Topical Thoughts” – Last song on the 04-07 Mixtape!
November 3, 2009, 10:25 pm
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This song, “Topical Thoughts” will conclude my ongoing “04-07 Mixtape“. As I said on my Bandcamp:
“This is a song I wrote about some big-picture stuff that I was thinking about early in my Senior year. This was recorded on Derek Beck‘s macbook during Media Tech class in a big room near the auditorium of Bellaire High School. You can hear the water fountain humming in tune with the song sometimes. I thought that was fun.”

I hope you enjoy the song. You can now download the whole album for free or stream it in it’s entirety HERE.

Thanks so much for traveling back in time with me (this is just the tip of the exposed platonic shelf of old shit I recorded, but i think it’s a just representation of my (di/pro)gression over my high school years when not attached to a particular band.