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“Easy Chair: Loyola Edition” single release
October 27, 2009, 6:06 pm
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hey gang,
I have here a brand new recording of a song you probably haven’t heard yet. It’s an alternate recording of a song called “Easy Chair” and I plan on putting the original recording on my next album (which is almost done!). This particular version of the song was recorded by Ross Farbe (of Mojo Method who just released a new EP last night!) and Jason Kutno in Loyola’s studio for their Studio Techniques class. It was all laid down in a few hours one dark evening. I played drums, bass, guitar, and sang on this track. It’s been a while since I played drums (and it shows, f’sho). Since the song was recorded on Protools, I decided to get the project file and mix it here at Loyola (because I don’t have the software on my laptop). It was my first project I ever did in Protools (and it also shows, f’sho). Anyway, I hope you like the new tune. Look for the original recording on my next album, due out sometime early in the new year. Thanks so much for coming here and checking this out. Is it weird to hear an alternate recording of a song you haven’t heard the original of yet?

Here’s my bandcamp page with seven other releases.


Circle Bar w/The Wandas
October 16, 2009, 4:26 pm
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This Tuesday, I’ll be playing at the Circle Bar with some Boston boyz: The Wandas. They kinda sound like a The Bends-era Radiohead of sorts, so that should be interesting. I have a lot of new songs that I’m excited to show you live. It’s the last day of Fall Break for we Loyola-ers and I’ve got the cherry for the top of your cake that’s already covered in Monday’s icing.

Also, don’t forget to check out my new live acoustic album i just released.


New Live Acoustic Album
October 14, 2009, 5:21 pm
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Today I’m releasing some live recordings from my acoustic set this past weekend at Zeitgeist Multidisciplinary Art Center. The live album is called “Choice Cutz: Live at Zeitgeist (10/10/2009)”. I played a ten song set and I decided that six of those ten were release-able. The set was recorded in a huge room by the wonderful Devin Hildebrand (DTH Sounds/Mojo Method/Sun Hotel). Despite his maximum recordings skillz, the microphones were placed near the a/c, so there is a bit of a hum, but it ain’t no thang. These recordings are of songs new and old, released and unreleased. Check em out!

1 – Roses (previously unreleased)
2 – Saint James (from ‘What Had Happened Was…‘)
3 – Certain (OLD song from the ‘04-07 Mixtape‘)
4 – Take Pictures (from ‘What Had Happened Was…‘)
5 – Oh No! Iss A Waps! (released for a few days, now taken down due to change in release plans)
6 – Swallow Time (previously unreleased)

Stream it Here:

The original picture used for the album cover was photographed by Pam Cantu and altered by me.

Track #16 from “04-07 Mixtape”
October 13, 2009, 4:24 pm
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Here’s it is. ‘Change’ is a 7+ minute epic piano/vocal track that I recorded on my family’s piano somewhere around junior year or the summer preceding it. It’s about me being upset because I that that other people were changing and influencing me more than I was influencing myself. Gotta find that equilibrium. Enjoy this heart-wrencher.

Check out my other music on my Bandcamp page and all the fun stuff on my Myspace.

October 11, 2009, 5:41 pm
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Hey guys.
I was just watching my friends’ films (Neko Neko Films) this morning and i just felt like sharing it with you all. Recently, the group made some of their best films to date. The three part series entitled “Rock Bottom Productions” is about group of naive and clueless young filmmakers of the “Youtube Generation”. The series documents the group as they attempt to make three different types of films: action, horror, and drama. Their excessive aspiration and high hopes tied with their complete laziness (that probably comes from wanting to just move on to the next shot so they can watch it in their parent’s living room TV) makes these films both honest and hilarious.

Here’s how they put it: “Meet Harrison, Derek, Trevor, and John. Four kids with a dream and a video camera. Watch as they learn the ins-and-outs of film making in the best way possible: by simply making movies.”

I’m embedding their first episode on this post. You can check out the other two here and you can see all the rest of their movies there as well (links on the left sidebar). These are friends of mine and i hope they don’t think this is weird that I’m randomly posting about this. Oh yea! Just remembered that some of my music is featured in these films (and most of their 30+ other films) so keep an ear peeled for that. You can follow them on Twitter HERE and join their Facebook group that includes info about their films as well as promotes a community of visual and musical artists that we support and feature on our other websites.

Step one, get a camera. Step Two: ACTION MOVIE.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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Track #15 from my “04-07 Mixtape”
October 9, 2009, 3:49 pm
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I just released an old song called “Drive” on my Bandcamp page. It’s a silly little love/apology song written somewhere around sophomore and junior year. I hope it was the former, because some of the lyrics are the silliest things i’ve ever heard. Nonetheless, I still enjoy this song and the melody is one of my favezzzz. Hope you dig on it.

Also, I’ll be playing a show in NOLA this weekend with Mojo Method and Scout at Zeitgeist. I hope you can make it.


Re-issue of “What Had Happened Was” LP
October 7, 2009, 8:12 pm
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album cover

Hey there,
You can now download my second full length album “What Had Happened Was” (released as ‘Afrodisiaction’) for half price on my bandcamp page. It’s a re-issue of my super fun high school bedroom pop record that will never get out of your head. Unreleased bonus material is included in the download.

Stream it all here:

and here: