Pear-Top Shirts and shizzzz
July 11, 2009, 4:48 am
Filed under: news

So I’ve completely neglected this solo music project act thingamajing while on the road with Caddywhompus. Now I’m chillin in New York and I have a slow connection to the interweb, so i can’t really upload a new track to the 04-07 Mixtape (i really wish i could embarrass myself more, honest). So instead, I decided to let you know that you can now stream my ambient album, “Four Drops/Pieces of Rain” (released this year on Bandcamp for free), and my first two full length albums (folk electro-pop something) “What Had Happened Was” (2008) and “I Am The Hot Potato…I Hope You Work Out” (2007) for FREE on my page! Check em! Catch up on some history and share a good laugh with your friends about how silly the early music sounds and then secretly buy it on itunes when you get home.

Here’s an old video of my live at Fioza Coffee House.
Jealousy of those who came ensues….


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