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Two more finals today and then it’s H-town
May 7, 2009, 8:05 am
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I’m so stoked to get back home and take a break from the craziness that was my freshman year in college. In retrospect, this year I tried my best to focus on Caddywhompus as well as absorb information at school and be a participatory student, but it was at times, very difficult. I managed to achieve many goals in Caddywhompus that I wanted to achieve. Although surely there were plenty of issues that ideally, I would have wished to tend to had my attention been more focused on the band. In school, a similar story presented itself. I did my work, learned a decent amount and got by with decent-to-good grades. But as my mom would say, I shouldn’t strive to “just get by” and I’ll definitely take that more heavily into consideration in my upcoming years at school. I consider my first year away from home (although not always staying away) a prosperous, memorable and educational experience that I can’t wait to revisit with a more developed mindset and a richer understanding of my role in society.

I’ve been blessed to meet so many amazing people here in New Orleans. The musicians I worked with were extremely warm and inviting and the group of kids I grew close to brought enjoyment and comfort. I felt at home here and I just want to thank everyone who was even slightly involved in this community I encountered here.

I’m excited for what the summer will bring: hopefully some rest and peace for my physical and mental states (mind-body dualism anyone? Told you I absorbed some shit this year). I plan on making the most by making the least of my May and early June, then it’s the east coast tour with Caddywhompus from June 11-July 3. That will surely bring me back to the reality I am putting myself deeper into every day. But upon my arrival back to the legendary City of Syrup this coming Independence Day, hopefully some good R&R will find me, because as of right now all I can think about doing is sittin’ low, drivin’ slow, and bangin’ my screw.

I’m posting the next song in my 04-07 Mixtape here now. It never really had a name, but the song was inspired by me singing into a harmonica, creating an interesting combination of sounds. I came up with some melodies and kind of improv’d it on the recording. I added some other shizzz on top and came up with what is now dubbed, “Harmonica Thang”. CHECK IT!


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Those sounds came out of a harmonica???

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